raven - one of many birds you may notice at Hildene on a bird walk

The public is welcome to join a local birding group to conduct a survey of the wild birds present on the grounds of Hildene. The purpose of the walks is to gather long-term data on the presence of birds, their abundance, and changes in populations. Observations are entered into the (Vermont) eBird database where data is stored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for free access and international public use. (One recent observation: two Common Ravens were seen last week sitting side by side on a limb doing mutual feather preening and bill rubbing. Did you know that Ravens are believed to mate for life?!) Walks are appropriate for birders of all skill levels and provide an opportunity to learn about birds through every season. Come prepared for the weather and snow conditions. The survey route runs along forest and meadow trails and around the main house lasting approximately 2 hours. For more information, please contact Stephanie at 802.367.7960.  Meet in the Welcome Center parking lot, 8:00am. Participants are asked to wear a mask (in the case of shared transportation) and practice social distancing. Free.