7:00 to 9:00am at Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home, in Manchester, VT.  Free. 

May is an intense time in the natural world – rains, new growth, insect hatches, migrating dragonflies, bats, and birds – especially the warblers, small, colorful, insectivorous songbirds. Warblers sharpen our observation skills with a need to note colors in specific places, eye rings, eye lines, wing bars and behaviors. There are 54 warbler species in North America. The Checklist of Vermont Birds includes 30 of those warblers that are possible to see in the state. In fifteen years of monthly surveys at Hildene, 25 warbler species have been recorded.

Join local birders to gather long-term data on the presence of birds, their abundance, and changes in populations. Appropriate for birders of all skill levels, the walks run along forest and meadow trails and around the main house. For more information, contact stephanie@hildene.org or call 802-367-7960