7:00 to 9:00am at Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home, in Manchester, VT.  Free. 

Warblers are small, colorful songbirds that are often identified by their song alone. Most forage in the trees moving quickly, gleaning insects. The Ovenbird is an exception foraging on the forest floor where it builds its domed nest of grasses that looks like, yes, an oven. It is the most abundant of the warblers recorded at Hildene as it is easily detected by its loud, “teacher, teacher, teacher’ call. The Ovenbird is olive-brown above with a streaky breast below, a bold eye-ring and a flashy orange crown stripe.

Join local birders to gather long-term data on the presence of birds, their abundance, and changes in populations. Appropriate for birders of all skill levels, the walks run along forest and meadow trails and around the main house. For more information, contact stephanie@hildene.org or call 802-367-7960