With spring in the air and against a backdrop of Vermont's spectacular Green Mountains, thousands flock to Hildene for its peonies.  ABA found our "Celebration of Peonies" (late May through mid-June) worthy of a "Top 100 Event" designation.  And the floral feast has just begun, for when the peonies fade, the ever present perennials take their place in late June in the Lincolns' 110 year old European parterre formal garden, designed by the President's granddaughter to resemble a stained glass window, with privets the lead and flowers the glass panes.  They linger there until summer's end mid -September.  Add On our "Beyond the Beauty" presentation and Q and A with Hildene's Horticulturist ($6.00pp),  engaging your guests with the big picture view of the role our many gardens play in our environment, as well as that of the birds, bees and butterflies. Learn why Hildene with its deep roots in history is putting down literally new roots for future generations.