February 11: Bird Walk

From 9:00 to 10:30am at Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home. Free. 

Winter birding is made easier without leaves on the trees. But wait. Some beeches and oaks still have brown leaves rustling in the breeze. This withering of leaves without falling off is called marcescence. It is theorized that the leaves hide emerging buds from browsing deer…but not from the flitting chickadees and insects!

Join local birders to gather long-term data on the presence of birds, their abundance, and changes in populations. Appropriate for birders of all skill levels, the walks run along forest, meadow, and wetland trails on both the upper and lower campus. Free. For more information, contact or call 802-367-7960.

Questions? Contact or call 802-367-7960 

"Passing Strange" book
February 15, ONLINE: Hildene Reads

From 7:00 - 8:30 pm via Zoom, celebrate Black History Month with a discussion of Passing Strange, a fascinating work of nonfiction by Martha A. Sandweiss.  “Clarence King is a hero of nineteenth-century western history. Brilliant scientist and witty conversationalist, bestselling author and architect of the great surveys that mapped the West after the Civil War, King was named by John Hay ‘the best and brightest of his generation.’ But King hid a secret from his Gilded Age cohorts and prominent family in Newport: for thirteen years he lived a double life—as the celebrated white explorer, geologist, and writer Clarence King and as a black Pullman porter and steelworker named James Todd,” as described by Penguin. Free. Register at or call 802-367-7960.

Shaggy Moss
February 18: Guided Nature Walk

From 1:00 to 2:00pm ECO AmeriCorps member Rose West will guide participants in an investigation of Hildene's glorious forested landscape. Fresh snowflakes blanket the reddish-stems of Big Shaggy Moss (Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus) that can be found in large, cushion-like mats amid our pine grove. (Photo and caption by Rose)
$5/person with admission; members free. Registration is strongly encouraged, but not required. Contact or call (802) 367-7980

Pullman Porters
February 19: Sunbeam and the Pullman Porters

Join us for a virtual tour from 2:00 to 3:00pm of restored 1903 Pullman railcar “Sunbeam.” Collections & Exhibits Manager Jesse Keel leads the tour and hosts a discussion on the role of Black Porters in the Pullman Company, the rise of America’s Black middle class, the formation of the Black labor movement and the momentum for the Civil Rights Movement. $10 Members, $15 nonmembers. Register by February 17. To register, contact Hildene’s programming director: (802) 367-7960, or

March 9: Beyond Beauty:  Pollinators and their Habitat

From 5:30 to 6:30pm, Hildene’s horticulturist, Andrea Luchini, and youth education director, Diane Newton, lead a dynamic presentation on our native pollinators, the perils they face, and what we can do to enhance their numbers in our own backyards. Discover how the simple principles of pollinator conservation can be implemented into any landscape. Registration is strongly encouraged: $10 for Hildene members and volunteers, $15 for non-members.   For more information and to register, contact Stephanie at 802.367.7960 or

March 11: Bird Walk

Saturday, March 11, 8:00 to 9:30am at Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home, in Manchester, VT.  Free. 

Join local birders to admire the wondrous feathered creatures in our midst, while gathering data for long-term studies on the presence of birds, their abundance, and changes in populations. Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers are common yard birds, especially fond of sunflower seeds and suet. But how do you tell the larger Hairy and smaller Downy woodpeckers apart (beyond body and beak size)? Look for the barred outer tail feathers on the Downy. The Hairy’s are all white.  Sexes can also be told apart as the females do not show any red on their heads. Appropriate for birders of all skill levels, the walks run along forest, meadow and wetland trails around the main house and/or the dene.  Free. For more information, contact or call 802-367-7960.

Apple Tree Pruning at Hildene
March 12: Apple Tree Pruning Workshop

From 1:00 to 3pm, Arborist Bill Garrison will focus on two forms of pruning: corrective pruning for ornamentals and pruning to increase productivity for apple-bearing trees. The program is free, but registration appreciated: or call 802-367-7960. Check in at Hildene’s Welcome Center.

Peggy Lincoln Beckwith
Remembering Peggy Lincoln Beckwith

Opening to the public on Friday, March 17, 2023, this new exhibit will explore the dynamic life and memory of the last member of the Lincoln family to live at Hildene. In addition to seeing many of Peggy’s personal belongings, visitors will delight in a collection of oral histories gathered over the years featuring many entertaining and illuminating stories. For more information, contact Jesse Keel, Collections & Exhibits Manager at