Pullman car, Sunbeam, came off the line in 1903 during Presidential son, Robert Lincoln's tenure as president of the Pullman Company, the largest manufacturing corporation in the world at the turn of the 20th century.  We invite your guests to, not just look at the best restored wooden Pullman Palace car in the country, but to consider the "Many Voices" exhibit on the station platform, add their own voices to our chalkboard and board Sunbeam to engage with our staff about life on these luxury railcars … all without ever leaving the station. Sunbeam is the southernmost site on the Vermont African American Heritage Trail for its telling of the black porters' story.  If you want your group to go deeper …  The untold story of the Pullman porters comes into sharper focus when you Add On our history presentation, "The Journey from Proclamation to Protestation" and Q and A for your group.  ($6.00pp)