Exploration Backpack Program

Coming soon!

Our goal is to realize the untapped potential of our extensive trail system throughout our 412 acres so that children and adults will make deeper, long-lasting connections to the natural world – wherever they go.

We have approximately 12 miles of trails and a wide variety of landscapes to explore. Our backpack program is designed to be an engaging way for getting people out onto those trails. Soon, we will invite guests to check out landscape specific packs: Into the Woods, Into the Meadow, Into the Garden, and Into the Wetland.

An enormous body of evidence overwhelmingly confirms the importance of time spent in the natural world for healthy childhood development and ultimately for a healthy society. Kids who play outdoors think more creatively, are much more likely to invent their own games and play more cooperatively. Such play stimulates curiosity and exploration which in turn leads to deeper learning and innovation.