Archives Tour

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID protocols, and staffing shortages, Archives Tours are currently unavailable. 

These tours take place in spaces that aren’t open for general public viewing and are used to store and care for our collection. The tours take about 45 minutes.

They are designed to give a brief introduction to our archives rooms. Guests learn about some of the tasks staff undergo to keep our collection safe and organized.

We feature unique Lincoln family artifacts that are not on display in the home or in the current exhibit. Offering this tour allows us to share with guests the diverse and significant collection we have beyond what is in the rest of the home.

No photography is allowed during this tour for security.

Highlights from the tour include the Exhibit Prep Room where new artifacts are received and their condition assessed and where artifacts that have been on loan are returned, documented and received back into our collection. In another room, a future exhibit is being conceptualized and staged - artifacts from our collection have been gathered and are being evaluated for their contribution to the narrative of the proposed exhibit storyline. The tour includes several rooms in the archive where the majority of our collection is housed.

This tour is typically available year-round at 2:00 PM daily*.

The Archives Tour is not included in the General Admission and is an additional fee:

$7.50/Adults & Youth

Please note, this tour is not recommended for children under 10.

To reserve an Archives Tour, please call the Welcome Center at 802-367-7968.