Group Tour

From the arrival at the Welcome Center, a restored turn of the century carriage barn to the new goat dairy at Hildene Farm, your guests will experience first hand the family’s legacy through its home, history, gardens, working landscape, farm, and ongoing preservation efforts.

For booking information, tour rates, specialty options or to reserve a date for a group visit, please click here to contact the Group Tour Coordinator, or call 802.367.7961.

Self-guided tours include the Lincoln family home and carriage barn, the Cutting and Kitchen Gardens, a restored 1903 Pullman car, Sunbeam and Many Voices exhibit, goat dairy at Hildene Farm, The American Ideal: Abraham Lincoln and the Second Inaugural exhibit, and the Formal Garden. Tours of the home are self-guided with a docent welcome and introduction. Guided tours may be arranged upon request with at least two week’s advance notice of your visit.

Use of Hildene’s post and beam lunch pavilion or Beckwith Room may be reserved in advance when available for a fee of $25. Local eateries provide a pre-ordered lunch buffet available on request.

A DVD of the 6 minute Hildene introduction video and 13 minute Pullman car documentary video, usually seen in the Welcome Center, is available for viewing on the motorcoach prior to arrival at Hildene. The $5 fee is refundable when the DVD is returned to the Welcome Center at the time of your visit.

Group Rates

$16 per person for groups of 20 or more. (Regular admission is $23.00 per person.) Tour leader and driver are complimentary.

$6 per person, per optional add-on activity - A minimum of 10 participants per activity is required. Top see a list of Add-on options, click here.

Payment by cash, check, or major credit card is due upon arrival at Hildene. Please click here to request information or contact Paula Maynard by email or at 802.367.7961.


Many have expressed an interest in remaining on property for lunch in the beautiful surroundings of The Lincoln Family Home. Two rooms are available when reserved in advance and on a first come, first served basis. Our post and beam lunch pavilion made from timber that was harvested right here on Hildene’s 412 acre estate is located adjacent to our Welcome Center. The Beckwith Room is at the rear of the Welcome Center. Picnic tables are also available outside on a non-reserved basis and also first come, first served. Please click below for a list of local eateries you may preorder buffet lunches from. They also provide delivery to Hildene.

Group Tour Eateries (Link to pdf of eateries) NEED THIS UPLOADED